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My latest TV and film showreel for 2019

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The Pirates of Penzance at Drury Lane. I was that Pirate King!
In this Royal Command performance, I'm the tall one, fighting with Tim Curry

Page 3

Pirates of Penzance movie with Kevin Kline. I'm the one with beard and hat!

Page 31

A selection of my father's TV commercials, including the Nimble balloon ads.

Page 33

My father talking about the Nimble shoot.

Page 90

My swordfights from By The Sword Divided.

Page 103

TV Commercials:

Ribena, Guinness, Australia,

Wall's Feast, Carlsberg, Nintendo, Ford, Herte, Logger Bar, Hemeling


TV Commercials

TV Commercials

TV Commercials
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Ribena Commercial 1962 with Tim Bentinck

Ribena Commercial 1962 with Tim Bentinck

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guinness ad angus deaton

guinness ad angus deaton

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Australian Tourist Board Commercial 1986

Australian Tourist Board Commercial 1986

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Wall's Feast Advert (1987)

Wall's Feast Advert (1987)

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Page 128

Singing with John Telfer's Bushido Brothers

This is the half hour reel I made in 1994 of some of the TV and film work I'd done up till then. Music written and performed by me!

By The Sword Divided, Made in Heaven, Sharpe's Rifles, Square Deal, Carlsberg 'Icebergs' Ad,
Three Up Two Down, Man-eaters of India, Year of the Comet, North Sea Hijack, Winter Flight, The Four Minute Mile, Australian Tourist Board Commercial, Ribena Commercial

P. 142 Griffins -

the UK's Dallas - not!


Greg Marshall in Grange Hill


Wing Commander Raikes in Strike Force


The Armando Iannucci Shows. Congregation falls in love with priest.

Cliff Lawton in The Thick of It

P. 185

U-Boat Commander in Enigma

P. 187

Generalleutnant Speidel in 


Showreel 2009

Featuring scenes from Lead Balloon, Kingdom, Doctors, Don, D-Day, The Thick of It, Through the Keyhole, Broken news, Frances Tuesday, Silent Witness, Born and Bred, Absolute Power, Nouvelle France, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon

P. 205

The Pride of Wade Ellison


P. 206

Locked Up


P. 206

The Club

Short film. Funny!


P. 206

The Turn

Clips from 20 min student film.

watch on Vimeo

P. 208

Esau Jacobs

2.5 minute sketch

Showreel 2012

Featuring scenes from
Twenty-Twelve, The Royal Bodyguard, The Thick of It, Doctors, Kingdom, Don, The Pride of Wade Ellison, The Turn, Rule Number Three, D-Day

P. 222

Conrad in Us and Them

P. 223

Frederick Forsyth in Reg with Tim Roth

P. 242

Fluent Finnish in The Four Minute Mile